The Boy Who Reversed Himself

The Boy Who Reversed Himself



"The Boy Who Reversed Himself" is about a young girl, named Laura, who has an adventure in four space with two of her friends, Omar and Pete. It begins with her curiosity about Omar, since he is able to disappear and get items from inside locked places. Laura convinces Omar to take her with him into four space so she can experience it too. The story takes an interesting turn when she and Pete get stuck in four space because they cannot remember how to get home to three space. Two four space creatures, named Gigigi and Ramoom, find them and put them into a four space cage. Naturally, since Gigigi and Ramoom have never seen three spaces creatures before, they desire to learn of their origin. Hence Ramoom threatens their lives through a series of events. However, just before Laura is about to die, and Pete is ready to show Ramoom the approximate way to three space, Omar saves Laura by taking her into five space. A five space creature, Grace, decides to spare the lives of Laura and Pete and plays a trick on Ramoom in the process. In the end, Omar and Laura get married, and they live happily ever after.


This book is a great way to introduce students to thinking about higher dimensions. This is definitely a book that will challenge your perception of the world while being entertained in the process. It's one of those books that once you start reading it you cannot put it down because Sleator makes you feel invested in the story. While this book is great for use in introducing the fourth dimension, the explanations located at the end of the book where Laura and Pete are stuck in 4-space in a hypercube are confusing to read. Overall, a great read and a book that any high schooler can relate to.


Summary of Class Activity:

(1) Depth perception challenge: Students will cover or close one eye and see if they can see depth perception. We will test them by having them determine whether a certain object is in front of or behind another object.

(2) Three space teaching: Students will be asked to explain via diagrams and writing how they would describe three space to a two space creature.

List of Contributors:

Summary: Written by Glenn Weeman
Review: Written by Tonja Skufca, with input from Glenn Weeman
Summary of Class Activity: Written by Tonja Skufca and Glenn Weeman